Is it safe to take Vitamin C and Omega 3 supplements together on a daily basis?

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Yes. Vitamin C is a natural vitamin, and Omega 3 is also a natural nutrient found in the body. Your body needs them and uses them in normal functioning and living, so it will be fine, even if you are taking them together. Make sure that your vitamin C is coming from a company that is known for having quality product because vitamins are not regulated by the FDA which means that they could easily be giving you a placebo or a fake if you are getting a cheaper brand. Also, the limit your body can digest of Vitamin C is 500mg so don’t eat more and waste some of your vitamins! Omega 3 is a helpful nutrient, just like vitamin C, and you should be fine ingesting it, even if it is with vitamin C at the same time. If you feel sick or anything, talk to your doctor and tell them all the supplements your taking, but otherwise, you’ll be fine and there’s no real reason to worry, because both of them are found naturally in the body together and are great parts of leading a healthy lifestyle!

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