How many avocados should I consume per week to lower my cholesterol?

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Cholesterol levels have to be maintained well within their limits to remain healthy. The general advise is to consume less than 300 mg of cholesterol per day so that you may not develop any risk. Remember, it is the animal food that generates cholesterol and so it becomes essential to keep away from food items such as red meat and pork when your cholesterol level crosses the 200 mark, which is regarded the safe zone for a healthy person. Once you allow the cholesterol level to raise, it may lead to several health problems such as heart attack or stroke. Although you may try several ways to lower your cholesterol, consumption of avocados generally works well and yield the desired results quickly. About 5 to 6 avocados per week may suffice to lower your cholesterol level considerably. Remember, eating too much of them with an aim of bring down your cholesterol very soon may prove counter-productive because avocados are hard to get digested. So you may restrict yourself with eating one avocado a day at the maximum. It is also essential to avoid consuming cheese, cream or meat along with avocados to get the desired response.

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