Vegetables that are rich in zinc and magnesium

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Green vegetables are rich in magnesium. The reason for this is that green vegetables, for example spinach, have a high proportion of the chlorophyll that colours leaves green and chlorophyll has magnesium in it. In fact one cup of cooked spinach contains around 160 mg of magnesium, which is a very high level. Another source is raw plantain which contains 66 mg of magnesium. However it is not just green vegetables that are high in magnesium. Another good source are black beans with a cup of these containing about 120 mg. Although green, surprisingly, raw broccoli is not such a good source as it has considerably less magnesium contained in it; 22 mg a cup.

Zinc is a mineral we do not need in great quantities. The recommended amount is 15 mg compared to 350 mg of magnesium, yet inclusion of a small amount of zinc in the diet is important for wound healing and a deficiency can lead to other health problems. Olives, avocados, peas and cauliflower are vegetables that contain zinc. Eating regular salads is recommended as tomatoes, radishes and cucumber are all good sources of zinc.

It is notable that spinach is high in both magnesium and zinc, so this makes it a desirable vegetable to eat in order to avoid a deficiency of either of these important minerals. The link will explain more about the nutritional value of spinach, which is certainly a very good vegetable to eat if you want to remain healthy.

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