What is the difference between half and half and coffee creamer?

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There are many differences between half and half and coffee creamer. One of them being, the amount of diary within the product. Coffee creamer can have little to no dairy at all. Half and half is straight from the cow, and comprised of the most dairy possible. It is thick and often contains a lot more calories then coffee creamer. Some people, however, prefer half and half to coffee creamer. This is because they feel as though they can trust half and half and not a man made product. Coffee creamer comes in many different forms. Many people argue that using light cream or half and half is actually much better for you them coffee creamer. Coffee creamer, the non-diary kind, is packed full of chemicals and preservatives. Its taste is light, fake, and produced in a factory setting. Depending on how you feel about what you put in your body keep in mind the ingredients. There are many differences between half and half and coffee creamer. These come in many verities, but center upon the amount of dairy within the product. To know the exact differences in the product read the packaging carefully. This will insure you of the ingredients and what your body is consuming.

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