What happens if you eat too many gummy vitamins?

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Gummy vitamins are a delicious way to get in the daily required vitamins, but it can be very easy to want to eat the entire package of them! If you happen to overdose on some gummy vitamins, don’t be alarmed. If this is not a regular practice, chances are your body will be fine, but that doesn’t mean it’s at all healthy.

When the body takes in too much of anything, it’s never good for how it runs. With all the different types of vitamins that are put into gummy vitamins, it can cause the body to overload. Generally, this can mean sore kidneys from too much vitamin c, diarrhea, headaches, body pains, etc. The overload from the vitamins effect everyone’s body in a different way. These gummy vitamins are made to be less potent because they are made for children, so it’s not as bad as taking the pill form for adults.

Gummy vitamins are not cheap, they cost a lot of money just for a small jar of them. If wanting a chewy gummy treat, just purchase some real gummies! There are a lot of different flavors out there, so try a whole bunch of different kinds until you find the one that you like best! Then, you can still enjoy your gummy vitamins in moderation without overdosing on their delicious taste.

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