Negative side effects from drinking Almond Milk?

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I am not what you would call an adventurous eater. In general, it takes me about 20 minutes to shop for enough groceries for an entire week, because I know exactly what I want and where in the store it’s located. Therefore, when my girlfriend suggested to me that I should try almond milk, I started to question whether she really knew me at all. However, in the interest of furthering our relationship, I bit the bullet and tried it. Imagine my shock when I realized how absolutely delicious almond milk is! I’ve always loved milk, but in the past have restricted that to cow’s milk. I once tried soy milk under similar circumstances, and just about spat it out in my friend’s face. Almond milk though is, in a word, delectable. Of course, after tasting almond milk for the first time, I naturally began to wonder how bad it was for me, operating under the theory, “nothing that tastes this good can be good for me.” However, when I went online, I found that almond milk is both healthy and nutritious. The only red flag that popped up for me is that almond milk, in comparison to cow’s milk, has a relatively high amount of sugar. I have recently seen some new brands of almond milk that claim to have a lower amount of sugar, but I am, of course, unwilling to dive off of that particular bridge. Almond milk, like most things, is fine in moderation. On that note, it’s definitely time for me to enjoy a glass right now. Bon appetit!

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