Is Almond Milk Vegan Friendly?

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Almond milk is a vegan food, since it is made from crushed almonds. Almonds originate from plants, therefore they adhere to vegan restrictions. One of the various health benefits of almond milk is that it contains neither cholesterol nor lactose, so it is good for not only vegans, but those who are trying to watch their cholesterol, and those who are lactose intolerant. Regular dairy milk also contains much more fat than both almond and soy milk. Even the skim form of dairy milk contains far more cholesterol than almond milk. This is basically a testament to the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

There are several forms of almond milk available commercially. These consist mainly of both sweetened and unsweetened. Sweetened almond milk typically has sugar or vanilla added to it. Unsweetened almond milk is usually meant as a standard dairy milk replacement. People tend to use the this form for cooking or with cereal, not consumed by itself.

Almond milk is often consumed by vegetarians and lactose intolerant individuals who enjoy soy milk as well. Soy products are also vegan foods. Soy, however, is a common product to have an allergy to, so this has helped bring popularity to almond milk.

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