How do I report a restaurant for health code violations?

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Have you ever eaten at a restaurant that has problems that would affect public safety? For example, if you see a roach in your food write down that you saw a roach in your food. The first thing you will need to do is make notes of what the violation is. Also document the restaurant’s name. Also write down the restaurant’s address. Also write down as many of the names of those involved as possible. You will also need the date and time of your visit. You may also need the names of those that were with you when the violation occurred. It is important for two reasons to write the information down. First, you will make a better report with all these details. Also your story will be more consistent later. Call or visit the local health department. The phone number can be found in the phone books government pages. The address should be located there also. You can also do a Google search for this information. Some areas have this information available online. So the next time you go out to eat and think this place has health violation just don’t sit there but get up and do something.

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