Does Almond Milk taste good with cereal?

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As someone who was just recently diagnosed as lactose intolerant, I was totally skeptical that any alternative non-dairy milk could replace my beloved 2% organic cow’s milk I used to eat every morning with my cereal. However, after weeks of trying every non-dairy milk on the market, I found that almond milk is the best of all the alternative milks to combine with cereal. Almond milk tastes great with breakfast cereal; in fact it’s a natural and complimentary combination.
Almond milk, as one would expect, is slightly nutty, but not quite as chalky as soy milk can be, making it the perfect milk for most breakfast cereals. The nutty flavor compliments almost any cereal and is totally delicious stirred into oatmeal; in fact, for a great breakfast cereal, stir plain or vanilla flavored almond milk into cooked quinoa and top with chopped apricots and dried cranberries; it’s delicious and protein packed, so it will keep you going for hours.
Both plain and vanilla almond milk are delicious with cereal, and make for great drinking after the cereal is gone, for those post-cereal milk drinkers, picking up flavors from the cereal as you eat. The consistency is pretty close to one or two percent milk; not too thin, and not gritty at all which makes it a nice match for cereal also.
All in all, almond milk is my favorite non-dairy milk; I would recommend it to dairy and non-dairy milk drinkers alike. Give it a shot with your favorite breakfast cereal; you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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