Are the almonds in Almond milk genetically modified?

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Almond milk is basically not a true milk. It is made from ground soaked almonds and water. For sweeten the milk some times few dates are added. Almond milk is used substitute for real milk. In case of real milk gets over we can use Almond milk.

Basically, almonds are highly nutritious. By soaking almonds in water we may get certain benefits. One serving of unsweetened almond milk gives you around 90 calories. It contains around 3 gms of fat, 1 gm of fiber and 1 gm of protein. It is free of cholesterol and saturated fat. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and omega fatty acids. Level of manganese, selenium and vitamin E is quite high in almond milk. Almond milk does have 30% of your daily calcium. Read more on almond milk nutrition facts.

Preparation of almond milk is very easy. And we can store in any where. By drinking almonds milk, your bones become healthy. In this milk cholesterol percentage is zero. Hence it reduces heart diseases.

It is risky for those with low thyroid functions. The chemicals present in them inhibit thyroid function as they interfere with the iodine intake.

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